2020 - Coronas, Viruses and Moving

Hello hello dear friends,

Long time no writing... Please forgive us - we are here, sitting quietly by the desks, stayng at home in pajamas, stacked on toilet paper and tuna cans...

We are here for you!

When this virus is overtaken by humane race and science, you might consider moving again....or a friend might ask.. Call us then. As a added incentive, we will offer a 10% discount on all our tariffs.

And, if you are like us, please take 2 minutes and write us an awesome review - work has been slow this winter and we need your help!

One great way to contribute to a small local business such as MyTechnomovers.com is the Great Yelp. Simply log on and search for MyTechnomovers and give us those stars! Or, you can use this very link - https://www.yelp.com/biz/mytechnomovers-chicago-2?osq=mytechnomovers .

There you have it. There we do.

Stay safe, stay home, stay informed. This, too, shall pass!

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