Residential Moving
Residential Movers

Fast. Efficient. Damage-free.


This is Mytechnomovers' way.


With lots of smiles and great attitude.


Combined between all team members, we score 85+ years of experience in moving industry. And these are just our regular guys.

This makes 20 years of experience per person.


We are at our best on the job, on every job.

Commercial relocation
Commercial Moves

Just as good as our home and residential relocations.

We will come to your place of business and do a quick and free estimate. 

We will follow up with a detiled written Estimate of Services where we will present a systematic breakdown of labor, equipment and materials we plan on using. We have moved aroma candle manufacturies, entire motorcycle dealerships (man!) and many, many other businesses in and around Chicagoland. Please call us and we will do all possible to accommodate your needs.

Heading 4

We love techno DJing!

"But why", some say, "Mytechnomovers"? 



Because we LOVE techno and house music. And jungle. And more techno. Well, because at least one of the company founders does.

So, if you ARE a Techno musician, or a DJ, or a Producer in the Electronic Music field, you get automatically 5% off on all labor charges. Just a small appreciation, so we say thank you to the music makers and creators. With you and your work this world is a better place to live in!